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DIY Charcuterie Boards!

Supply List:

1x2 common board pine

wood filler

Your choice of wood stain

clear caulk / caulk gun (optional)

handle pulls - I made my own

Wood sealer/ brush

Furniture nails to match your leather

Tool List:

Miter saw

circular saw/ jigsaw/ table saw

brad nailer

orbital sander

  1. Cut your plywood down. I used my table saw. (the standard size of charcuterie boards is 9x13 but you can do whatever size you want.. GO CRAZY

  2. Next cut your lattice trim using a miter saw. I cut mine 4" and used a stop block to make it go faster

  3. Assemble herringbone pattern on plywood and glue down with wood glue

  4. Turn board over and cut off excess strips with table saw or circular saw

  5. Cut your 1x2 to frame the plywood. Secure with wood glue and brad nails

  6. Fill in your holes with wood filler

  7. SAND 150 - 180 - 220

  8. Stain

  9. Seal with wood sealer

  10. Hand Sand with 400 grit

  11. Use clear caulk around insides of frame

  12. Add hardware for handles



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